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Has a broken key ever laid waste to your plans? Have you been stranded out in the cold due to a broken key in the lock? We believe that most of us have experienced a broken key situation at least once in our lives and needless to say, it is very frustrating. Many factors can lead to a broken key, some of which are:

  • Bad quality – Keys from local hardware stores are not meant to last and are often made out of bad material that results in early damage and sloppy edges.
  • Rusted keys – Like everything else, a key also has a life and finds rust after a certain point of time, resulting in breakage.
  • Damaged lock – Your key may be perfectly fine, but an old or damaged lock can end up jamming and damaging it.
  • Improper cut – A key that has not been properly cut will eventually cause malfunction, even if it is made from good material.

Regardless of how your key is damaged, you would require a broken key extraction service from a qualified locksmith to retrieve it. Arlington PA Locksmith Store has been offering locksmith services in area to vehicle owners, homeowners, and business professionals. Our locksmiths are well-known for their intricate work and can extract your broken key without any damage to the lock.

Car key extraction

Arlington PA Locksmith Store Pittsburgh, PA 412-368-2627Breaking a car key in the lock presents a two-fold problem. First, you need to get the broken key extracted in order to use your vehicle again. Second, you would need a new set of keys if the old set is beyond repair. Arlington PA Locksmith Store’s auto experts can perform both the jobs at the same time, right before your eyes. After expertly performing a broken key extraction , we can make a new key on the spot and ensure that your life isn’t halted.

Residential and Commercial key extraction

Many amateur firms would simply drill the lock open and replace it with a new one in the garb of a broken key extraction service. While this is rather clumsy, it will also be a very expensive affair. Arlington PA Locksmith Store experts ensure that they don’t inflict any damage on your hardware while performing the job.

Key broke in a lock? Don't worry. Call Arlington PA Locksmith Store at 412-368-2627 for broken key extraction  and our expert locksmiths will be by your side within 15-20 minutes.